Friday, November 16, 2007

Performance-enhancing Substances

I'm not going to sit in judgment of Barry Bonds nor discuss the merits and demerits of steroids and other performance-enhancing substances. Maybe Barry used them; maybe he didn't. Maybe he lied about using them. He's innocent until proven guilty.
What I want to know is, who's looking into the use and abuse of "Just For Men"? Clearly there's a "game of shadows" being played in and around the hair salons frequented by our professional athletes. The back room "treatments" and "applications". Call it a "gray area" if you will.
But as the advertisers of this "supplement" make it abundantly clear, the use of their product makes you MUCH more popular with the ladies. If you're popular with the ladies, you feel better. If you feel better, you feel confident. If you feel confident, you're more likely to slug home runs or pitch complete games.
Am I right?
From the looks of things the Red Sox' Mike Lowell has not yet been seduced by these nefarious "trainers" who are lurking in every barber shop in America or peddling their wares in any neighborhood CVS. But as contract talks with the Red Sox bog down, can the temptation be far off?


tim said...

loved "felicidade": "o morro nao tem vez" and wilson simonal would have loved "marina morena"

Slorge said...

Not only are you a guitar genius, but a funny writer as well. I'm book marking your blog.

Party on!


Anonymous said...

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