Friday, November 2, 2007

More about me

Let's see:
- I'm 47 years old (as I said)
- I play guitar (yes, I said that too)
- I have played the guitar for 33 years.
- I began playing the guitar on October 15, 1974. (that would make 33 years, 17 days as of this post.)
- I'm not joking. Because for many years, like the nerdy music collector I am, I kept the receipts of lps that I would buy and on that day I bought a copy of the new Deep Purple album "Burn" and listened to it over and over again with rapt attention wishing I could be Ritchie Blackmore. Pipe dreaming on this (I believe a pipe may have actually been involved, but enough about that) I suddenly recollected that my eldest brother had long ago moved out and stashed his cheapo guitar collection in my folks' attic.
- I often referred back to that receipt so that's how I know.
- Rummaging in the attic I found an acoustic guitar, a knock-off Telecaster solid-body electric and a knock-off Hofner bass of the bass-fiddle shape. Wish I knew the make and model but I believe my brother got them at Sears and Roebuck or something. They were not fine instruments by any means.
- Oh, and there was a little amp. Or was it two? There may have been a bass amp also.

more in a moment


rschwa9966 said...

Tony, did you ever live in Brazil? It seems you speak Portuguese and have a love of Brazilian music.
Cheers from a fellow Brazilian guitar afficianado.

Thaddeus Gadfly said...


You and I hae a similar guitar background. But I started in 1966 when I was fifteen. Charlie Byrd and Jobim were my first influences.

I'm writing to ask you what kind of guitar were you playing on the
"Preciso Aprender A Ser So" video on YouTube?

I'm so tired of my Ovation, and I want to get a real guitar, but all of the cutaways I've tried were lacking, though yours has a wonderful tone, so I was wondering what type it was?