Monday, October 3, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon

Here's a short video I made about my new album. I think you'll agree the art work was very beautifully done. The back cover photo is of my great aunt Emily and my grandmother Kitty as a girl of 3 or 4. That was taken some time ago.


London Still said...

A Rodgers and Hammerstein You Tube search lead me to your "Out Of My Dreams," which promptly began a You Tube stalking that probably lasted an hour. I'm an actress and singer (West End and Broadway person-- and actually have made a good part of my career in another R&H classic Carousel), and I have literally told anyone that will listen about your work and have already purchased your album on Amazon.

TONY: I. MEAN. Where on earth?! You have an incredible gift, not simply for mastery of your instrument, but for arrangements, and most of all, your interpretive skills which are both subtle and deeply expressive at once. You trust, and allow the music to speak for itself whilst simultaneously presenting it in its best light, sometimes adding a flourish or alternative chord that illuminates the music in new ways.

Anyway, thank you.

As a person who receives my own share of messages like this I know they can be overwhelming. So, at the risk of coming across as a sycophant, I just want to close by expressing how marvelous it is to have been blessed by your music, and to know that a musician like you *exists* and is, deservedly, popular.

Congratulations and thank you

Alexandra Silber

Tony R. Clef said...

Thanks, Alexandra. You bowl me over with your kind words. I truly appreciate it.