Friday, February 22, 2008

FAQ: How do you remember to play so many songs?

Simple answer: I don't.
As hinted at in the preceding post, I work on something new, film it and forget it.

This is part of what's so great about the Youtube revolution (if you will). Before the late spring of 2006 when I posted my first Youtube efforts, I worked on the same things over and over again thinking "this way I'll be ready....". I was thinking I might have gigs or busking opportunities or I might just have friends over and would need to make sure I've got a few things down pat so I can demonstrate them.

Of course, that's still a good idea, I guess. But these "gigs" don't just happen even for musicians who are struggling to live by them, let alone interested hobbyists who like to play and don't have a whole of lot of ambition about it (

Youtube is the absolutely perfect venue for players like me. And I'm extremely lucky to have started so early (in June 2006 there still weren't that many guitar players posting) to have gotten the exposure that I now have.

And I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words of support. It's really much more than I deserve (more on this in a future post).


Jason said...

I'm thinking along the same lines. "One day" I'll gig/busk and I've been saying that before I started on youtube. I don't quite have your skill/versatility/variety nor your exposure (even though I started 16 days after you!) In fact I "buy" my subscribers by providing free tabs. This is pretty easy for me because I arrange tunes into a tab editor as a go. I'm more of a programmable guitar playing robot than a musician ;)

The other side to youtube, and why I recommend any guitarist to post videos there is:

* It forces you to completely learn a tune from go to whoa. No half-song playing guitarists allowed!

* Recording yourself on video requires the similar overcoming of anxiety/nerves as playing to a "real" audience (go on, try it!)

* Because of the above, it is an extremely convenient method for a guitarist to take the first steps towards public performance...if that is what you are thinking. I know I am ;)

(in case you were wondering youtube username=jawmunji)

Poetik said...

I must say my good sir, that you are an amazing artist. ive watched all your videos and am currently learning how to play your arrangement of "hard knocc life". it is simply astonishing. You are definately an inspiriation to me. Please continue to post videos =) thank you

Jesus said...

Well, Tony, I must say after reading your post that nowI feel better regarding this aspect. I felt completely guilty thinking I had posted 25 videos on YouTube but I was not going to be able to play a single note when somebody else asked it to me "on live". Even I had forgotten my previous repertoire!

If you are not a professional and dedicate the whole day to keep a wide repertoire, it is completely impossible to work on that old way and work on YouTube at the same time.... except if you only post your repertoire and only that. It is even worse if you post your own arrangements, because those are not written anywhere, and you should in addtion take into account the time they would take to be written...

It is hard, but the same day you start working on YouTube actively, you must assume your pieces are going to be ephemeral... Enjoy them while they last, because the pleasure in this case is the travel, not the destination...

Signed: chamacojesus